Saturday, July 4, 2009

What have we been doing?

Happy 4th of July!!

Me, trying to be tall next to one of these monster trucks!!

These things can move it!!! They were flying past us going much faster than I thought was safe, and they rock back and forth with that much weight. Yes, giant boulders do fall off, and roll all over the place- that rock you see on the ground, not a rock, A BOULDER.

Climbing to the top of Craters of the Moon, my baby girl 3 year old about whipped her old mommy!!

Little fuzzy, inside EBR1- the nuclear museum lab at the site in the desert. My kids loved this place, switches, levers, gadgets, they thought it was great!

One more of me standing next to a digger at Monsanto Mine in Soda Springs.

Help is anyone out there? Looking up through the cave at Craters of the Moon.

This little girl was amazing inside of these caves, she was a trooper! Notice older sister stayed w/ grandma, brother led the way that went on and on and on!

Sitting in the giant chair outside "Pickles" Restaurant a fun little place in Arco.
The fried pickles there are AWESOME. Located on main street Arco, seriously, you need to try one, they are Yummy!

The kiddies rocking in the Big Rocker!

This is our next princess in training, she loves to dance, she wanted to be in the 4th of July parade today with all of the drill team girls!!

Hubby and the Boy after the Stampede Days Parade in Rigby, showing off his loud, super fast car.

Just having a little quality time with the cousins.

Sweet Love Lindsey graduating from Joy School. Here she comes next year ready for Kindergarten!!! She can hardly wait!!

Have a super summer!! Love the Holtom Family!