Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ya, it's been forever since I've blogged, cleaned my house, ran a marathon (that's actually never happened) oh, what else, ya bought some new shoes. Many things have transpired for me over the last month. Marsh man has been travelling up a storm. I think he leaves the storm here so I can shovel, and heads to sometimes warmer weather. I am so there. Then, my sweet heart father-in-law passed, and we had a sad time /w all of the family. My little nine year old boy, bless his heart stayed there for him until the last minute. He told me that he knew his grandpa was happy now, as we all felt that warmth inside of us. What a legacy he left, and an amazing example of steadfastness, courage, strength and love. We will miss him forever too, but know he's a very busy bee in heaven smiling all day long and loving the work he has already been assigned. He's awesome and he'll be missed. So hope that joy fills your life during the next coming weeks and I'll try to promise that next time won't be forever...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a NEW Year!!!

Hurray, it's a new year, and I'm so ready for it. I love the excitement that many have around here w/ getting in shape. I'm getting all hyped up over it. So far so good, I'm on day three- ya don't laugh, but this is huge for me--- no sugar, no PEPSI the beloved most wonderful thing in the entire world, sorry, lost it there for a moment, and no carbs. Yep, I'm in. Thanks to many of you who have revved me up, cuz I'm ready. As for my Merry Christmas is surely was. My hubbie got me many of the goodies I had been daydreaming about, and have used all of them already. My fav-new electric blanket. He HATES it. He is sweating all the time, and I just smile and turn it up baby! Oh the joy of warmth. Also, decreased the amount of running the kids around. Yippee! Only one trip to singing now. I know, sports is soon on it's way, but wonderfully manageable now. So hope you all had a terrific Christmas, I'm glad it's over, but loved it as well. Happy New Year!!