Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh, Ya, it's Raining Again!

I looked at the lyrics at the classic "Supertramp" song after thinking about this blog and the rain today. I remember listening to that song when I was pretty young and singing my lungs out w/ my teenager sisters when we'd be out cruisin'. Yes I was a cruiser at a very young age, mostly asleep in the back seat while my fluffy, feathered-haired sisters would hang out on the "cruise." Eat your heart out Supertramp!! Just for memory lane...

Oh, it's raining again Oh no, my love's at an end. Oh no, it's raining again and you know it's hard to pretend. Oh no, it's raining again Too bad I'm losing a friend. Oh no, it's raining again Oh, will my heart never mend.
Didn't you just love singing those old songs, and now looking back you can't believe you'd sing those out loud, let alone now that you know what the lyrics actually mean!!!!!!!!! Yikes. The eighties/nineties stuff- ya, but the overall favorite of mine was oh course... Grease!! I know, most of my young adult life I really believed I was Sandy, and one day I'd turn that slick talking Rick into "Danny" w/ the letterman jacket and we'd fly in the love bug away forever and ever...
Wake up Bev!
Anyways, this blog was for all you Seattlians, because we enjoyed the parade in the rain. You'd be so proud, no umbrella for me, just a light-weight jacket w/ my hood- I was prepared. Today was Shelley Spud Day- they have a festival devoted to a tater! All the floats had to have something "spuddie" on them. My kids were on a float for singing. Lindsey thought she'd become Hannah Montana, and was all drama- She's so fun. She said it was the best parade she'd ever been in (since it's her first)- Well, Spuds or no spuds, I thought of my rainy weather girls and held them in my thoughts while it poured down, w/ a little thunder and lightnin'. So here's to Spud Day, and to you, rain-lovin girls!!! Cheers!

Can you guess who is loving the songs- Look right in the middle w/ the pink hood over her head- Isn't she sweet, it's soaking wet, but she doesn't give up...

The boy is on the back row w/ the black jacket on, with a smile on his face. "It's Spud Day mom, and it's what farming and this community is all about." That's my boy! "Hopelessly Devoted To You!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh where to start...

Well, the animal craziness has dwindled a bit. We are just doing fine w/ that electric fence. I put some feed over the "crappy wire" and it got my arm a bit. I was like "Oh, I just laid my arm on the wire." It was nothing! I'm back to my crazy over scheduled life again. It's good, my kids are loving it- Football starts this week, then I'll add another post and see if I'm loving it. School is going great for Payton and Lindsey and Abbie who gets to join in on my week for preschool. I love my ward and my friends have been great. They love to do lunch which is very fine with me. I love that! And guess what, I'm still in activity days for the girls. I think I'm going on 7 years now. Each ward, same calling (-: I'm still learning I guess. I love that age group though... They are fun to be with, fun to laugh with and progress with. So it's really a great thing. Here are my girly girls that keep growing like the weeds in my yard.

Two sisters that are cute and sweet, two little girls with pink toe-nailed feet.
Love to laugh and sing and play, only to fight over toys every other day
Are moms little helpers each busy day, I sure love them in every single way!

This is my nine year old boy who worked in the

field all day. From 8:00 am to 9:30 pm who drove the SEMI all by himself that picked up the hay. When mommy went to check on him, he said he'd be okay. But mommy's heart was not so well she'd thought she'd have to stay IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!
Yes it's true, he thinks he old enough to drive. See all you city folk what us mom's in the country have to deal with. Don't worry mom, it's only a semi, I can handle it. I'm doing just fine. Ya, until he tries to drive my car to his friends house... He seems to wiser than his years, like 40!! My little man boy, is what I call him, he came that way and hasn't changed since the day he was born. Oh how I love that boy! Here he is ready for 4th grade, and off to school at 7:10 am to catch that country bus that HE LOVES!! Trust me he's upset w/ mom if we have to drive to school, cuz that's no fun!!