Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh where to start...

Well, the animal craziness has dwindled a bit. We are just doing fine w/ that electric fence. I put some feed over the "crappy wire" and it got my arm a bit. I was like "Oh, I just laid my arm on the wire." It was nothing! I'm back to my crazy over scheduled life again. It's good, my kids are loving it- Football starts this week, then I'll add another post and see if I'm loving it. School is going great for Payton and Lindsey and Abbie who gets to join in on my week for preschool. I love my ward and my friends have been great. They love to do lunch which is very fine with me. I love that! And guess what, I'm still in activity days for the girls. I think I'm going on 7 years now. Each ward, same calling (-: I'm still learning I guess. I love that age group though... They are fun to be with, fun to laugh with and progress with. So it's really a great thing. Here are my girly girls that keep growing like the weeds in my yard.

Two sisters that are cute and sweet, two little girls with pink toe-nailed feet.
Love to laugh and sing and play, only to fight over toys every other day
Are moms little helpers each busy day, I sure love them in every single way!

This is my nine year old boy who worked in the

field all day. From 8:00 am to 9:30 pm who drove the SEMI all by himself that picked up the hay. When mommy went to check on him, he said he'd be okay. But mommy's heart was not so well she'd thought she'd have to stay IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!
Yes it's true, he thinks he old enough to drive. See all you city folk what us mom's in the country have to deal with. Don't worry mom, it's only a semi, I can handle it. I'm doing just fine. Ya, until he tries to drive my car to his friends house... He seems to wiser than his years, like 40!! My little man boy, is what I call him, he came that way and hasn't changed since the day he was born. Oh how I love that boy! Here he is ready for 4th grade, and off to school at 7:10 am to catch that country bus that HE LOVES!! Trust me he's upset w/ mom if we have to drive to school, cuz that's no fun!!


Jill said...

Ahhh Farm living. Some may freak out at the semi driving. No, not me. Because I did the same thing! And a question..did you write the poems yourself? Probably-you are miss creative! I still am amazed at how different your girls look. I guess just because mine are all cookie cutters....I just love how different they look. "His and Hers"...:)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh, so fun to find you. I was looking for Robyn (she left me a comment)and I found you. Your kids are so big, I don't think I would have even recognized Payton. They are all so darn cute. Looks like you guys are doing well! I don't think I'll ever forget your big Halloween party that year we lived close to you... oh we miss you guys!

Dirty Fingernails said...

gosh they are so darn cute!!! Getting so big, wish we lived closer so we could all get together.. The kids had a great time. esp. Zach and Peyton..

Browning Buzz said...


To give Marsh a mullet go to It is pretty funny!Be prepared for a good laugh!

I can't believe Peyton is driving semis!!!!Holy Cow! He is a farm boy at heart though - I bet Grandpa Dave loves that!