Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cows are not fun!

Today has been an interesting Sunday. Instead of getting to church on time, we had to chase cows again. To get the full effect of living in the country, one must do a few things: First, one must purchase country type animals. This does not include your average mutt, but a little more rural savvy would lend to "cows," "horses," you get the picture. Second, learn how to install fence. Not the nice, hide your crap fence, but just plain old metal wire to keep those rural pets retained. Third, be prepared to chase those pets at all hours of the day/night when they jump the crappy wire fence and love it out on the open road where motorists put their fists out the windows and shake their hands in not so friendly gestures. This is truly a great experience on Sunday. So, to fully appreciate the greatness of country living- you also need to chase the cows in the pasture, slipping on wonderfulness, and remember that those really weren't your cute flip flops, because they are not now. So Sunday is a great day for prayer, and praying that the Lord will answer your prayers and steer those cows in the right direction before they get shot. I hope all of you know how wonderful it is in the country, and you are welcome to visit anytime. We always have a fun agenda planned in advance. Love for now you city folk, come visit!!!!


Dez said...

ohhhhhh, i am so sorry you have to deal with cows... we were always doing that growing up and i hated it! i'm impressed that you still made it to church in time to teach your class! props to you!

Jill said...

Did you mean to invite me as a "contributer"? I don't know that you want me writing on your family blog! It's way cute though and thanks for the invite. A great way to keep better in touch.

The Farsteads said...

What great pictures. I loved reading your blog, Bev. Payton's horse Dante is sooooo cute. I want one. We are going to Elburn, just outside of Sugar Grove and Geneva. I would love to know where she's at. Love ya!