Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Fun

This is the big pic with all of Marshall's family. We had a great time seeing everyone finally, since we have them scattered in: Hemet, California; Nevada City, California; Idaho Falls, Clermont, Florida; and Annandale, Virginia. (All four corners) And it was really great to see the cousins!

We were happy to have Marshall's siblings and all cousins come this summer for a big Holtom reunion. We are hanging in there with Marshall's dad who's dealing w/ cancer, so we decided we needed some really cool pics. Since Grandpa Dave loves tractors, and loves John Deere's, we have a distant cousin in the ward who happen to own a combine, and tractor!! They were so generous to let us have them for a night and photoshoot away. It was great fun trying to chase kids around, and get everyone to smile, and Lindsey my dear, who needed to use the bathroom. NO luck in a stubble field, thus her "pee-pee" dance is in included in a few of the shots
(-: Oh-well, we did get some really good pics however...
Here I am, what I always do best... Chasing my little girl around. At least I wasn't the only parent running that night. There were 5 others under the age of five that didn't love getting their pics taken either.


Dez said...

I love this tractor pictures, they turned out awesome!

Dirty Fingernails said...

those pictures turned out fantastic!!