Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is Good

I have so many things that have gone on in the last couple of months, where to start, well we made it through all of the school parties, class parties, teacher appreciation gifts, Dare Graduation which Payton was chosen to conduct for the 5Th grade. Finished a super soccer season with a tough final game, we won! (Almost all of our games as well) Finished Payton's soccer season and wrapped up piano for the summer, attended so many funerals I can't even remember how many we went to...have enjoyed seeing all of the green sneaking up on me and now in full force, HURRAY! Registered Abbie for another year of preschool, she's reading short stories now, so her teacher should love that, hmmm, have loved watching the boy and his friend have all sorts of adventures, shooting, driving, all at the age of 11, and getting ready for good Ol' Pine Basin Camp. Can't be live he's old enough to go, I'm so excited for him. Praying each weekend Marshall will have a victory, no wrecks, good engine, and safety, safety, safety, am looking so forward to walking at nights w/ my kids, getting ready to head South for some sun, and visiting friends from afar. I love having this new felt freedom of NO COMMITMENT too many busy mom things, and can just love my hubbie and kids and schedule what I'd like to do now. Am grateful that we live here and not in Washington to avoid many of the crazy storms they are suddenly having. Life is good, Life is good!