Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Something EVERY girl must have....

This blog is for those of you who offer ideas, lists, must haves or must do's- Here's to you!

Any of you who have done lunch w/ my kids and I know that these little gadgets are heaven sent. We were all at Winger's and we had six kidlets on the bench, moms on the opposite side, and they played and played and played. Education Bliss at its finest! LEAPFROG my children love you (especially the 3 year old who I can take ANYWHERE) Yes, it's worth it! (I have 3 and share wherever we go- they're great!)

Ok, first off, I am overly enjoying pomegranate anything at this point. Those of you who know me, know that I have a very strong sense of smell. I can pretty much sniff things out anywhere. I try hard not to be detected, but I couldn't help myself with a few of these products. Body Cream, need I say more??? Another major exhilarating smelly thing. My kids have also developed my smelling issue, and we can't go anywhere esp. like Walmart w/o smelling stuff. They get upset if they can't sniff w/ me!!!- Softsoap has a few yummies that I drifted off into smelly land, and then snapped back to reality in Walmart, grabbed the bottle and checked out.

This little doozey is hard to find- We managed at Ace Hardware- It is AMAZING STUFF. For crockpots, any type of stove tops, it takes off what oven cleaners won't... Need I say more- Read the label careful, don't use on painted metal surfaces, not a good idea. This is really liquid gold!!

My cousin convinced me to try diet stuff, since she's a drug rep, and I'm needing some encouragement. I am telling you, this stuff is DELICIOUS, and isn't supposed to last long. Can you believe people are selling it on Ebay????? I couldn't find it yesterday at Walmart, I'm on the hunt, cuz I'm not living w/o it....

Ok Robyn, here's another smelling issue I have, I can't help myself from smelling these. I think she has me beat though w/ at least 100 bottles in her pantry. I only have 4. I love them ALL!!!!

So there you have it, some really yummy, great stuff that you should indulge yourselves with- why not, you only live once... Cheers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Love

Abbie is a unique little girl. She always has something to say, cute, or not, and makes me smile. She brought me this drawing that she did of herself. I just love it. I Love You Abbie Love!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moto Mahem

Boy had his first encounter with moto racing recently. He's really turning into a motohead by his choice, which is good. He got a motie (new to us) and has not stopped riding it. Last Saturday he entered a moto, his first one, had a few moments in the whoops-got a little dirt on himself, a little packed in the face plate, but dusted himself off and got back at it. He enjoyed it most of all, and that was the important part. Today they rode the Dunes in St. Anthony and he loved that as well. Ride on little boy... (Note to Scott, he wants a few lessons)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dancy Pants

Here are two little girls who are getting ready to go to dance. Since Halloween was the next day, they went as Fairies w/o all the extra costume- I asked them to smile, they said cheese, and then I said "Let me see your eyes, so hence, Abbie shut her eyes- They are both doing very well in dance and love it. It is so funny to watch Abbie, I usually sit and laugh most of the class, she is a hoot! She likes to SHAKE IT!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Abbie's Third Birthday

Our little baby girl aka "babe-a" is now three. I can't believe she's already so big. She wanted a pink strawberry cake. I have yet to perfect my baking skills, but I gave it a shot, (I miss Jill's cakes) and had to tube on the frosting with a small ziploc bag. Oh well. She loved it, and she really enjoyed the frosting, she told me it was "Beautiful and lovely mommy." So that's all that really matters right? We were lucky to have Grandpa Dave, Grandma Anne, Rachel,Brian and the boys. It was a fun night for my dolly. Happy Birthday Babe-a