Sunday, November 2, 2008

Abbie's Third Birthday

Our little baby girl aka "babe-a" is now three. I can't believe she's already so big. She wanted a pink strawberry cake. I have yet to perfect my baking skills, but I gave it a shot, (I miss Jill's cakes) and had to tube on the frosting with a small ziploc bag. Oh well. She loved it, and she really enjoyed the frosting, she told me it was "Beautiful and lovely mommy." So that's all that really matters right? We were lucky to have Grandpa Dave, Grandma Anne, Rachel,Brian and the boys. It was a fun night for my dolly. Happy Birthday Babe-a


Jill said...

Just call me next time! I'm really cheap-like supplies only! :) I can't believe she's 3 either. And your cake looked great by the way.

Happy 3rd little girly!

Jackie said...

I think your cake looks awesome! Good job girl!