Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Catching up

Happy Valentines and lots of other fun times

Cutie Patootie and her heart braid hair

Payton earning his Arrow of Light and advancing into Scouts

Little sisters having fun at the cabin

We're not in Kansas anymore Happy Halloween!

Poor little Payton "Wyatt Earp" was a little under the weather, but it did not stop him from trick or treatin...

Little Abs as the Tiger, Payton (Wyatt Earp) and Lindsey as Dorothy

Trunk or Treatin with the cousins

Looking back a few years racing snowmobiles
Last year driving Semis
This summer driving John Deere Tractors
Happy Birthday 11 Year Old BOY!

Birthday treats- Spudnuts- "Idaho Sundaes" Glazed donuts, ice cream, toppings and cherries on top, washing it all down w/ hot chocolate!!!

The AWESOME John Deere Cake, made by my niece, look at the tiny, tiny potatoes, they looked so real!!!

Crazy boys at the party, they get the whole Pose thing

Abbie, having her moment, and excited to get her big day started.
Breakfast in bed a fun tradition for our kids-
Abbie loving the "pink" one
Miniature Hamsters for her guests

The 20 pound Hamster Cake- this one took about 14 minutes. No cake pan here, just pure creativity, Hamsters????Yes momma, hamsters.

Ready or not, here comes the royal party
Sweet Six Lindsey Love

Lindsey Love, loving the dress, the girls, the pretties
This is the 10 minute version of Princess Carriage. When the kids are arriving in 10 minutes, this is all she wrote sisters! They loved it, it tasted great, and at least you could tell what it was, so anyone needing a carriage cake pan, yep we have you covered.

And Last but not least...our special kitty....

Don't you love the adornment done by our precious 4 year old. You can tell Beavis is thrilled with her makeover.

This is our cat "Beavis." She has become a legend amongst many. Anytime someone comes to our home and sees her waddle by, they get out their camera phones to take pictures. She is a sweet cat, unless you pick her up wrong, then she'll bite you, and is 15 years old. She is very obedient, and is a wonderful loving companion. About the name Beavis, she purred as a kitten just like Beavis's laugh on the MTV cartoon- Nope, Butthead is not my other cats name. It's Betsy-known as the skinny one.