Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lighten up!!!

Ok, so I mentioned how I'm trying to get into exercising and eating better, well I have been really trying and I have been exercising, and it is slowly, slowly coming off. I did go and buy new jeans at Ross and I was ONE size smaller!!!!!!! That was a good moment. I still have much, much to go, but I've been walking, running and lightening up on the cooking. I have been using some fabulous things to really ease up the calories. First, one product I love is Bragg's Amino Acids. It is made from soy, and tastes like soy sauce. You use it instead of OIL, or BUTTER. You add the amino's, and water, and cook on medium/medium low. VERY YUMMY. Also instead of sugar, or sweeteners, I have been using Stevia. This is the only product out there made by plants not some chemical that puts you in the hospital kind of stuff. It is wonderful!! They have a regular powder sweetener, and liquid- but best of all for your herbal teas, I use the vanilla creme' or the chocolate raspberry. Yep, those are fabulous sweeteners, and only need a few drops to make things taste great! (LIKE SUGAR) So, I'm carrying on w/ the crusade, and keeping at it. I have a great support group of friends, that is very important~ so we'll see what is to come (hopefully off!!!)

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Browning Buzz said...

Hey Bev - good job on exercising and eating healthy!! That's great! Thank you so much for Cannon's lettering! So cute! I'm still searching for the perfect way to hang it.I'll know when I see it.

Curtis said your cousin Brandon looked really familiar to him. When was Brandon on his mission? He might have been out the same time as Curtis.

Cannon loves you - you didn't scare him! :)