Thursday, July 8, 2010

This blog is crazy

So, I've been really challenged getting things on this blog.  Pics won't download, kids clicking Nick Jr., when I'm posting, yep, tons of fun.  Here's another go of a couple of pics... I'll look behind my back so they don't sneak up on me...

Hi Big Blue Eyes
Two Little Princesses Who are Great Friends
Smile Girlies!

Handsome Boy at Field Day
Shoshone Falls Hanging Out

Talking about how this platform was constructed, supported, framed and maintained
Smile even if it's Sunny Outside
Two Little Dancers sweet and nice, two little dancers each dance twice,
 mommy gets her camera, and asks for a smile, they are fun and happy all the while.

There is a tiny part of a few happenings around here...more to come soon!

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