Saturday, August 8, 2009

One more thing...

I know, I know, I can't possibly blog 2 things in a day, well too bad, I just had to share a few more tidbits...

Abbie's thoughts on life: (At El Vaquero Restaurant) Waitress: Is there anything else? Abbie"You know, I just love salsa, it sure adds SPICE to my life!"

Lindsey's thoughts: "Oh Mom, would you like to try my new love technique? It's the best huggie/snuggle in the world."

Payton's thoughts: "Being on the train ride through Idaho Falls really brought a lot of joy into my life. This has been my best day ever!"

Marshall's thoughts: (Last night at his ice-breaker 20 year reunion social) "I don't know anyone here! Did we come to the right place???"

My thoughts: While smiling and chit chatting w/ people I don't know for 3 hours-in my mind I'm thinking..."How can I get to the outlet mall? There's got to be a way to squeeze that one in..."

One more on my thoughts: Kids are w/ grandparents- Note to Self: Travelling 10 hours in the car is a SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Megan Grant Photography said...

I miss your kiddos, they are pretty much the sweetest little people in the world! The things that they say sometimes are so funny, but mostly really sweet :) I hope I can come visit soon, and see your cool new house, my mom was filling me in on your plans to move, and she said your new house is freakin sweeeeet! Love you, Megan!

jackie said...

Congrats on the new house! Hope you love the neighbors and place as much as the last one!

AND I so love seeing you (and everyone else!)