Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ready or not, here I come!

Rocker Girlie
Such a big girl now, stop growing!!!!

Do you think this little chic is ready for school or what???

This is what little one got herself dressed in: Hair extensions, headband, wings, purse w/ brush, and foo foo high heels.

Side profile, so you can see the awesome tiara toddler hairdo

Auntie Christine, eat your heart out!!!

Here's my room, ok mom, it's ok to go now.

Say Cheese

My sweetheart kindergartner!!! Boy was she ready!

Cutie patootie!

He was really trying to smile, a little nervous for the first new day at a new school, so was his mom, BIG TIME. It's all good though, we made it through the week, love it!


Jaci said...

Oh Bev, seeing those cute kids just makes me miss you all that much more. Such beautiful smiles. So glad things are going so well at your new home and school. Hugs to you!!!!

CurtisAdie said...

Lindsey is in kindergarten already?? Oh wow - where does the time go??!!! I'm glad everyone survived the first week. Such cute, smart kids you have!!!

Megan Grant Photography said...

ADORABLE I love you and your kids!!!! Little abby looks so cute, she is going to be trouble when she gets older.

peterandholly said...

Such cute pics! Why do kids have to grow up so fast??? Miss you guys!