Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saying Goodbyes and Hellos

This month has flown by like nothing I could have imagined. We are saying goodbye to our friendly neighborhood of Taylor and saying hello to new people on the hill. First, I have to say I was hesitant to move to Taylor, because I didn't even know exactly where it was. I had been there many times as a little girl, and simply forgotten. It's a beautiful hidden community just on the outskirts of Idaho Falls, and Shelley. Simple life, quiet, and mostly serene. Very serene if you don't have cows or horses, but always the chance of some type of beautiful wildlife visiting your yard.
Now we are venturing a few miles East, to a new neighborhood and have found a home that seems to fit our needs perfectly. This house even has his and hers garages/closets/sinks and ovens. Yes, the perfect fit for hubby and me! We chose to find a house a little more in our price range so the time came to look, and within a week, we looked and found a new home up on the hill. We acted fast because of the fact that they had many looking at it too. SO...we quickly packed up, and moved our little family again. The kids will be saying hello to new friends, a new school, and new ward. This is bitter sweet for all of us. Taylor really feels like home, and we've made so many wonderful friends, that they all feel like family. I refused to bear my testimony and say goodbye, while the hubby and Payton went willingly, they both sobbed, and shared their appreciation for the kindness and love from all of the ward family. I just couldn't say goodbye since were are only a few miles away. We are excited to meet new families, friends, teachers and all that comes our way. Life is good, full of challenges, and opportunities which are all blessings that we have the chance to enjoy and gain as much as we possibly can from. So, goodbye for now Taylor, and hello to the hillside, and lights of Idaho Falls.

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Dez said...

You'll be very missed! But I'm glad you haven't gone too far!