Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Knott that Scarry, I promise...

Loving the Mining Ride- 1 of Paytie's faves

Auntie Susan and the girls, ready for some fun!

The Vipor, back, down, around and again...

Hold on tight you guys!!!

We love our Snoopy! He's the best!

Five things that I love about Knott's Berry Farm:

1. The nostalgia from being a nine year old and reliving it through my nine year old.

2. The Charlie Brown Gang

3. The look on Payton's face before, during and after the "freaky" rides.

4. Being able to walk onto every ride without waiting in lines.

5. The FOOD- have you ever ordered a Knott's Chicken Dinner? YUMMY-make sure to get berry pie added to that for pure satisfaction!

We had an amazing day, the weather was awesome, there were no crowds, we did walk right up to every ride over and over again, and it was priceless time with Aunt Susan! The kids could have passed on the Knott's Scary Farm theme however, but they have a whole new appreciation for skeletons, and "dead guys." Really honey, it's just a stupid plastic thing they buy at the dollar store, it's ok!! I promise! And, hey mom, why are all of the fake worker dudes heads covered with sacks? Well, you really don't want to know do you? No, that's ok mom, thanks.

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Jackie said...

Bev--just found your blog by chance--thru Robyns...had no idea you had one, but so glad I found it!!! I love the pictures and am jealous of where you got to go so recently!!