Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh Man, Disneyland

Well, our week has been really fun, and still a few more days to go. We headed to Knott's Berry Farm, well, Knott's Scarry Farm. It was a Ghost Town literally, so we walked up to all of the rides. That is always a bonus, I think my kids really had fun, there were too many skeletons for Lindsey, but she loved Lucy's Tugboat, and the Camp Snoopy. Abbie is such a daredevil, she hasn't been afraid of anything. Lindsey on the other hand has been afraid of most of the "things." Poor girl, we keep telling her, "Don't worry, this next ride will be better," then it's either faster, or creepier. She's survived, but has probably has some trust issues at this point. Marshall's brother and family met up with us at Disney on Tuesday, and Anaheim had record breaking heat wave 104 degrees, Whew! We bought one of those water/fan thingies and sprayed everyone down, it was great, then we laughed a bunch, screamed like chickens, and chased the kids all over Disney. It was great! We were lucky/in the right place/right time, and won passes to a special give away- there were 35,000 in the park that day, and they handed out 500 passes to stay an hour after the park closed, just the pass holders. Wow, I ran all over the place my legs killed the next day. It was so worth it, and I needed to burn off the days calories and the cokes I drank, so ya, I needed the jog. We were able to get 7 rides in an hour. We got stuck on Indiana Jones, and I thought Payton was going to die. I made the huge mistake of saying- wow, what if we had to stay here all night- he freaked out, when they finally turned it back on, they told us we could go again- we told him to stay and he pushed and punched my nephew to fight his way off the ride. He waited with the attendants, and was very glad to get off the freaky jeep. We ended up being in the park for 12 hours, the kids were troopers, and we had a Magical Experience. Yes, wait in line for Dumbo if you have little ones. It was worth every penny. Cheers!!!

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The Farsteads said...

Oh, how fun. Wish we were there too. It truly is a magical place isn't it. So glad you are having so much fun!